From the desk of Education Director, Deena Murphy
King Street “bucks” are incentives for good deeds and hard work. Students are given the “bucks” to reward good work in reading or math, helping a friend, picking up trash without being asked etc. Tutors, teachers and staff can give students the “bucks.”

Every few weeks, students can spend their “bucks” at our store which offers items in various price ranges — from a $1 jar of playdough to a $20 basketball.

Recently I asked a student how she planned to spend  her King Street “bucks” and she said she was saving to buy her older brother a drawing set for a present!
It got me thinking about what other things our kids might want to purchase — either for themselves or others. Here is the list they came up with:

LOL dolls

Pokemon cards


Hot wheels (cars and sets)
Panda masks


Football gloves for kids (red and other colors)

Fairy lights

Remote control car

Art kits

Rubik triangle


Robot kits

Lego sets (dragon or others)

Tech deck (miniature skateboards)

Children’s watches (boys and girls) Walkie Talkie

Lip Balm making kit

Other art or craft kits