Shabnam Beth Nolan starts October 11 as King Street Center’s new Executive Director. She’ll sit alongside Vicky Smith for the remainder of this month learning lots of important tasks, but also getting to know kids, their families, staff, and King Street Center partners. (Here is how to pronounce her name.)

Most recently, Shabnam was the communications director for ACLU of Vermont. Prior to this, Shabnam worked for child advocacy organizations in Vermont and Virginia, where she coordinated a successful statewide campaign to increase access to dental care for children, with Voices for Vermont’s Children, and served as director of KIDS COUNT, a nationwide initiative that tracks child well-being. Nolan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from James Madison University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Vermont.

King Street Center kids are excited to get to know Shabnam – especially as they know she’s a fan of hip hop music and can recite all the US States in order – alphabetically!

Click here to see  & hear Shabnam’s introduction to the King Street Center community.