Dear King Street Center friends,

Audubon trip

Joyce Judy, President of Community College of Vermont, recently described her door – the threshold to college – as “one of the heaviest in the state.” So many barriers keep people from taking the step to explore higher education, primarily fear, family culture, financial concerns, or lack of accessible role models.
At King Street Center, you help to provide kids with a childhood filled with opportunity. Together, we are able to provide access to years of academic support and enrichment activities for kids starting when they’re toddlers all the way through high school. Through these experiences – from participating in a theater production to horseback riding, from reading with a tutor to working on the Lemonade Stand, we watch kids gain confidence and a sense of belonging. So, when their time comes to take a big leap – be it college, a job opportunity, or taking a risk – they are prepared. They are ready to walk through any door in this community.
Please join me in supporting King Street Center this year. We are 60% of the way toward our year-end campaign goal. Your gift to King Street Center matters to keep our programs strong every day. Please be as generous as you can.
Thank you for your trust and consideration,
Vicky Smith
Executive Director