At their April meeting, King Street Center’s Board of Directors bid farewell to two long-standing members. Collectively, their contributions to the life and evolution of King Street Center are quite remarkable.

Please be sure to show your appreciation to Chuck as he greets audiences at the Flynn and to Chaska when you see her on the tennis court!

Chuck offers tutoring helpChuck Ginsberg is considered family at King Street Center. With over two decades of service on the Board, he is a friend and mentor to many. His obvious care for the children and families of King Street transpired as incredible attention to our building. Responding to the hopes and aspirations of our teaching staff, he was constantly helping to make the original 87 King Street a more conducive space for learning. The first Teen Lounge and Game Room space – as well as the Harmony Room library – was thanks to Chuck’s hard work. Committed to building community Chuck in hard hatpartnerships, Chuck ensured that King Street kids benefited from the offerings of the Flynn Center and also created connections at the VNA Family Room.
Most recently, Chuck and Board member John Bossange, served as the “owners reps” for the new King Street Center facility. On the job-site nearly every day, Chuck and John reviewed every detail of the project – from design to completion. We loved having Chuck at King Street Center the first day children arrived – with camera in hand – to be a part of that initial excitement. Never one to rest, Chuck is committed to bringing down our current utility costs through innovative solar and battery-sourced power.

Chaska RichardsonChaska Richardson joined King Street’s Board in 2009. At that time, she was the English Language teacher at Champlain Elementary and helped us to forge many strong relationships with the New American families settling in the South End. Vicky Smith credits her with the start of teaching “cultural competence” amongst our staff and ushering in an emphasis on academics during out-of-school time.

Also a tennis player, Chaska is often found on the court helping Jake AgnaChaska with tennis kids teach Kids on the Ball clinics as well as playing in King Street’s annual King of the Court event! As Jake says, “Chaska is a great teacher, a great student, and a fine person. She inspires us with her enthusiasm, her effort, and the genuine way she treats everybody with love and respect.”