Wow. You are amazing! We’ve had great participation in the Love Your Neighbor Raffle. You are making a difference in our business community AND our King Street Center community. Thank you.

Winners listed below. Much appreciation for your participation, everyone.

Presenting… the 2020 Love Your Neighbor Raffle Prizes!

Burlington Surf Club Membership Summer 2021 worth $500 (2020 rate) – Annie & Eric Ode

Hen of the Wood $500 Dave Porteous

Misery Loves Company $500 Anne Hauke

Honey Road $200 Jim Brophy

La Boca $100 with Citizen Cider $100 Karen Newman

SkiRack $400  Zerrin Sehovic

Drop-off Dinner for 8 by Maura O’Sullivan (Penny Cluse Cafe) & cookbook author Molly Stevens & a signed copy of Molly’s latest cookbook All About Dinner: Simple Meals, Expert Advice  Karen Shingler

Stock Your Kitchen: Homeport $100 with Citizen Cider $100 and Kiss the Cook $100 Maryann Lisak

Breakfast Bonanza: August First Bakery $100 and The Bagel Cafe & Deli $50 Abby Still

Zero Gravity $200 Bruce Hewitt

Dedalus $250 (4 lucky winners!) Linda Wellings, Marian Fritz, Colleen Uveges, Connie Krosney

Citizen Cider $200 Rosalind Saunders

The Great Northern $250 with Zero Gravity $100 Heather & Tom Sweeny

Peg & Ter’s $250 Steve Donahue

Trattoria Delia $250 Laurie Choiniere

Pizzeria Verita $300 Chris Donnelly & Nina Chill

Dedalus 6-month Wine Club subscription (2 lucky winners!) Dr. & Mrs. Nevin Zablotsky, Brian & Brooks Boardman

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill $250 (2 lucky winners!) Sue Bator, Wayne & Anne Pastore

Pulcinella’s $100 with Zero Gravity $100 Keith Pillsbury

A Single Pebble $100 with Zero Gravity $100 Wayne & Anne Pastore

Stone Soup $100 with Citizen Cider $100 Mary Desranleau

Beauty & Body Bundle: Mirror Mirror $100 with SkiRack $100 Deb & Rick  Estabrook

Bluebird BBQ $300 Ginny McGrath

Brickliners inspection & vent cleaning, valued at $600 Jim & Mary Strouse

36×36 Painting by artist Dale Loeffler Deb & Rick Estabrook

And, thanks to AO Glass, we’ll have some lovely pieces to accompany some of the special prizes listed above!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the raffle over? How will I know I won? The Love Your Neighbor Raffle runs July 13 - 31, 2020. While typically the winner would be pulled at the Backyard Classic, this year winners will be picked on Facebook Live on July 31 at noon. Join us at that time, or we'll be in touch if one of your tickets is selected!

What if I only want to put tickets in for one of the prizes?

Sorry, winners cannot designate a specific wish. Prizes will be pulled randomly.

Will I even receive a paper raffle ticket for proof of purchase?

No. Due to the virtual nature of this year's raffle, you'll see that we're filling out tickets and placing them in a bucket on site at King Street Center.

Can I win more than one prize?

Yes. If you purchase multiple tickets and your name is drawn more than once, you are awarded multiple prizes.

Is my ticket purchase tax deductible?

No. Because you are (potentially) benefiting from the purchase.

How does this benefit King Street Center kids?

Most of these great prizes were purchased by King Street Center Board members - we are super grateful! Therefore, ALL proceeds will support the Early Education, Elementary, Teen Programs, and Mentoring Programs at King Street Center.