King Street Center is thrilled to roll out a 2016 bus that will transport its kids – as well as those who participate at partner organizations – on great community adventures. Replacing an older vehicle known as “Clifford the Red Bus,” this brand-new model is made possible by a very generous grant from Additional funding was secured through a supplemental grant from Champlain Valley Head Start.

“Granting a bus that serves both as a means of safe transportation for the kids as well as a tool for mental and visual engagement (for both the riders and the passersby) has been rewarding to plan,” says Jill Badolato, Director of Social Responsibility at “ and King Street have been dreaming of fusing intellect and engagement with a much-needed new set of wheels from our very first meeting three years ago. What I am loving most about this project is that the time was so right for this grant. I have had the chance to get to know the King Street community over the past few years, which allowed for the creative design of this bus to be realized in a way that celebrates the essence of King Street, a blend of culture, vibrancy and dynamic learning.”

Look for a brilliant tennis-ball green, fact-covered Chevrolet Micro Bird Multi-Function School Activity Bus wrapped in next generation graphic design by artist, Scott A. Campbell. Campbell was instrumental in bringing this concept bus to life artistically. “Being invited to design the outside of the bus gave me the opportunity to put myself in the shoes of the kids riding it. The individual facts we learn serve as a foundation for our broader knowledge. I wanted to draw from all the subjects and express the uniquely personal experience of learning as a whole. As an artist, I think that grounding individual facts in an illustration lends to their being more memorable. Not all projects are as much good clean fun as this one has been and I thank King Street Center for that.”

“Our kids are always curious,” says King Street Center Executive Director Vicky Smith. “They will enjoy searching for different elements each time they ride the bus – as will our fellow commuters while sitting in traffic. Some may be drawn to illustrations of the bus mechanics while others investigate a list of the most commonly spoken languages in the United States. Personally, I love the Peter Pan reference!” Trips to Shelburne Farms, to the Edge for tennis lessons, and to Wind Ridge Fjord & Friends for horseback riding lessons are just some of the enriching journeys the Learning Bus will take. Reliable, safe – and fun – travel to these partner organizations is an important part of each day. “We are incredibly grateful,” says Smith.

King Street Center looks forward to officially unveiling the new bus in Burlington’s Mardi Gras parade on March 5.