Kids on the Ball  tennis started seventeen years ago fueled by Jake Agna’s passion for making tennis accessible to all children. Through King Street Center, generous support from the philanthropic community, and help from dozens of volunteers and assistant instructors, this program has enabled thousands of school-children to gain access to tennis in their physical education classes, in public parks during the summer months, and for King Street Center kids year-round at the Edge.

Jake recently decided that he is going to run local programs – and those further afield  – through his own non-profit organization, Kids on the Ball, Inc. in an effort to reach an even broader spectrum of youth.

Even with the change, tennis will continue to be an important part of King Street Center programs. We look forward to having Jake teach weekly clinics in our gym and we’ll continue to celebrate a Jake Agna Award youth winner each and every year, celebrating the important influence he’s had on our community.  You’ll see our kids playing at the Edge with different instructors and we continue to welcome your volunteer help.

If you have any questions or would like to talk, please do not hesitate to reach Vicky Smith at or Jake Agna at