Burlington, Vermont – You likely pass them all the time on when you’re walking on Church Street. Kids working hard to serve you what some call the best lemonade in Burlington.

But, with each drink the King Street lemonade stand teaches these young entrepreneurs the value of team work and responsibility.

One of those kids is 13-year-old Mohamed Moge. “When I get a bigger job, I’m already going to have the skills to be able to work efficiently”.

The King Street Center lemonade stand on Church Street is the culmination of a 10-week-long course called job club.

Part of the teen futures program at the King Street Center.

“Resume building, we go to local businesses like the Flynn Arts Center and Northfield Savings Bank and learn about what they do, we set up a bank account for the kids and learn about food safety.” Said Teen Futures Director Dave Besserer.

The goal? To give kids just like Mo Moge and Ngor Nyal the skills they need to prepare for a bright future.

“Once you get older, you’re going to have to do a more advanced job and it’ll be harder and this is just like a smaller job we do and it’ll prepare us.” Said Ngor.

“They have a sense of pride where they want to bring it everyday and earn more shifts.” Said Bresserer. “They’re all working together but they’re also trying to better themselves and raise themselves up to the top of their game”

You might say they’re learning life lessons, one lemon at a time. Another summer well spent for these good buddies.

“You get to see their strengths and weaknesses, I’ve known Ngor for a long time, it’s nice that we have the same job and can work together.” Said Mo.

Besserer says their hard work also teaches them the importance of respect.
“It doesn’t matter if they’re working with their best friend or a stranger, they still have to be respectful and professional each and everyday.”

The lemonade stand is open everyday except Mondays.

The kids have a couple events coming up too with their mobile stand.
They’ll be at the Cheesemakers Festival July 16th and on July 20th