Congratulations to our determined, disciplined City Market sponsored-team from King Street Center who successfully competed in the Jr. Iron Chef competition earlier this month. They won the Mise en Place award, meaning,  “Everything in its place.”
Rukiya, Hawa, and Annika exhibited all that we celebrate in our Teen Futures program every single day – practicing new experiences until they become part of your life’s tool kit. And, they did so with aplomb under the pressure of competition. Their dish was a Vermont Vegetable Curry.
Also in just the right place? Volunteer coach Tor Dworshak (left) served as a volunteer coach, lending his own experience from Jr. Iron Chef competitions when he was a student, and from his expertise from working at the Great Northern. He helped the girls perfect their recipe over numerous weeks and offered critical advice and support.
And by his side? Our Teen Futures Director, Dave Besserer (middle). All year-round, he urges dozens of youth along in their skill building and social-emotional learning. From evenings making dinner together in our kitchen to fierce games on the basketball court (and adventures on the bike path, lemonade stand, tutoring center, dance floor, and beyond!), Dave is an anchor of stability for these kids while pushing them to take healthy risks.
Congratulations to the whole team!