By Deena Murphy, Education Director

Blend, flow, respect, grace, balance, compassion. These are some of the ideals that inspire students of the ancient art of Aikido. For the past several months, seven King Street students have been training at Champlain Valley Aikido, and after much time, work and perseverance, have earned their yellow belts. Each week, these students have walked from King Street Center to Champlain Valley Aikido on Pine Street to train for one hour under the guidance of Sensei Ben Pincus.  In addition to learning the graceful and flowing movements that help to build physical and mental strength, the students have embodied the discipline and respectful manner that builds inner calm, dignity, self-confidence and balance.

Children participate in Aikido

Aikido practice










Aikido, like many other martial arts, has been linked to increased exec utive functioning as well as improved self-confidence and self-control. Our work with Champlain Aikido has demonstrated in our students the grit, commitment and dedication that they will need in order to be successful in future goals. The students plan to continue their study again in the fall.