High Five KSC Youth

The King Street Center family celebrated our 2nd annual High Five appreciation event on November 16. This “thank you” is a time to show gratitude for our amazing staff, donors, volunteers, community partners, and kids. This year’s honorees were:

Donor: Lisa Steele – long-time friend & donor who has generously supported Kids on the Ball, Teen Futures, and King Street Center’s Raise the Bar capital campaign

Community Partner: Friends for A_Dog Foundation – in memory of Andy “A Dog” Williams, this group of volunteers provides enriching opportunities such as skateboarding, graffiti art, screen printing, hip hop, break dancing, and more.

Staff: Jake Agna – long-time King Street Center staff and founder of Kids on the Ball tennis. We celebrate Jake’s presence on the tennis court and congratulate him as he takes Kids on the Ball to the next level as an independent non-profit.

Volunteer: Monique Fox – For a full decade, Monique has mentored Nurto in King Street’s Junior Senior Buddy program. Nurto describes her as a “second mom,” someone who has provided dedicated friendship to her and her entire family.

King Street Center youth: Misky Noor, Neema Modeste, Hamdi Jafar, and Nurto Hassan – a stellar group of scholar athletes who have grown up at King Street Center and now are role models for so many younger children following in their footsteps.

Food & beverage were provided by Farmhouse Tap & Grill. Katie Figura provided pro bono photography services.

You can find the whole photo album on our Facebook page!


Monique Fox and Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith and Jake Agna

Lisa Steele and Vicky SmithFriends for A_Dog