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…is where you can read our unfolding story – all the latest goings-on, accomplishments and activities happening inside & outside of King Street Center.

The Citizen reports: King Street Center kids ride at Merrymac Farm


EMMETT GARTNER Community News Service  As the sun set on a picture-perfect crisp autumn Saturday, horses neighed and excitement filled the air at Merrymac Farm in Charlotte ahead of a special open house.  Friends and family members of kids who attend Burlington’s King Street Center arrived to see firsthand what their youngsters have been up to for the past

The Citizen reports: King Street Center kids ride at Merrymac Farm2019-10-14T10:16:54-04:00

Flat King Street Kids


                  From the desk of Deena Murphy, Education Director There are lots of ways to take a vacation if you are creative. You don’t have to get in a car or on a plane to experience new places and make new friends. This summer, King Street students designed and colored flat

Flat King Street Kids2019-08-23T07:42:30-04:00

Summer Events – having fun while doing good!


King Street Center's summer isn't all about kids and summer camp fun. It's also our opportunity to raise critical funds to support King Street Center programs. Two-thirds of our annual $1.3 million budget is raised privately. Yes, that's from friends, foundations, and local businesses! Events are a great way to celebrate the work of King Street Center, build relationships,

Summer Events – having fun while doing good!2019-08-23T15:45:11-04:00

“I wonder what special magic your eye will see?”


A number of young King Street Center kids had the great privilege to explore nature through poetry this summer. JC was our guide and we are thrilled about our budding partnership.  Learn about her work here and how you, too, can get involved! Here are some of the guidelines she uses to make each experience special: Soak in the

“I wonder what special magic your eye will see?”2019-08-26T11:07:08-04:00

Premila Peters joins King Street Center Board of Directors


At the June 2019 meeting of King Street Center's Board of Directors, Premila Peters was elected to start a 3-year term. "We are thrilled," says Vicky Smith, Executive Director. "It's a privilege to have Premila's voice at the table and we are grateful she is willing to extend her commitment to King Street Center to be both a mentor

Premila Peters joins King Street Center Board of Directors2019-08-23T15:53:37-04:00

What say you? Voice your opinion in our ongoing Needs Assessment!


Early in 2018, we gathered the King Street Center Board and staff team to launch a strategic planning process. We really felt like it was time! We were comfortable in our beautiful new facility. We expanded our program profile to include an Early Head Start Toddler Program. We added an Associate Director to our staff team. The Board of

What say you? Voice your opinion in our ongoing Needs Assessment!2019-08-23T07:45:20-04:00

Things to Sit On: Team Preschool’s Crazy Idea to Teach about the Mundane


by Hannah Assefa, King Street Center Preschool Teacher & Early Education Assessment Coordinator   “You’re teaching your children about things to sit on?” It’s been a question I’ve heard for a month now as my co-teachers and I have planned and taught an open-ended study of “Things To Sit On.”  At first, teaching preschool children about chairs, couches, stools,

Things to Sit On: Team Preschool’s Crazy Idea to Teach about the Mundane2019-04-12T14:48:31-04:00

Business Breakfast – Internships: How to Make them Work for You (and Them!)


  On Tuesday morning, March 19, King Street Center hosted a Business Breakfast for interested guests to hear an expert panel on the topic of internships. We looked at these pre-professional opportunities from all angles - the employer, the students, those who coach them, and the community at large. Thanks so much to Brett Smith and Laurie Francis from

Business Breakfast – Internships: How to Make them Work for You (and Them!)2019-03-19T14:32:56-04:00

Important Note about 3SquaresVT Benefits


Because of the government shutdown, Vermont’s Department for Children and Families (DCF) will be issuing February 3SquaresVT benefits early, on January 20th. These benefits will be for the entire month of February, so it is important that participants budget accordingly. Because these benefits will be issued early, DCF needs to complete interviews and receive any required documentation from 3SquaresVT

Important Note about 3SquaresVT Benefits2019-01-11T11:01:47-05:00

The heaviest door


Dear King Street Center friends, Joyce Judy, President of Community College of Vermont, recently described her door - the threshold to college - as "one of the heaviest in the state." So many barriers keep people from taking the step to explore higher education, primarily fear, family culture, financial concerns, or lack of accessible role models. At King Street

The heaviest door2018-12-14T12:20:10-05:00
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