Snake Mtn. whole groupSummer traditions at King Street run strong. For the sixth year in a row, Janet Bellavance (an Edmunds Elementary School teacher) comes to King Street and takes a determined group of fourth and fifth graders on a series of hikes. This year our students are tackling Mt. Philo, Mt. Elmore, Snake Mountain, and then finally across the lake to Coon Mountain. Kadar, one of our fifth grade students says that his favorite part of hiking club is “getting to the top.” He says that having Ms. Bellavance’s familiar face telling him he could do it made all the difference. Once on the summit? Exploring! Kadar was fascinated by the remaining foundation of the a hotel that once sat on top of Snake Mountain. “I bet it was huge! 3 – no, 4 –  no, definitely 5 stars!” Thank you Janet, for inspiring and exploring with our students.

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Mt. Elmore climbing