A number of young King Street Center kids had the great privilege to explore nature through poetry this summer. JC was our guide and we are thrilled about our budding partnership.  Learn about her work here and how you, too, can get involved!

Here are some of the guidelines she uses to make each experience special:

  • Soak in the refreshing beauty of nature while we play with words
  • Take mindfulness and forest bathing to a whole new level with a poetic approach to walking and being in nature
  • Discover and deepen connection with our outer and inner landscape through the magic of poetry
  • Explore lightly meditative experiences to expand your senses and the spirit of your creativity
  • Get in touch with breathing as one of your most important writing tools
  • Make time for the sacred in our busy lives

“I Wonder”

I wonder, Abdille,

where life will take you

to see a boat sink,

and how your riddling rhyme

will right the world.


I wonder, Maiya,

what worlds your ears will hear

into life’s music

and what music you will create

with the color of your song.


I wonder, Katia,

how your art will bloom

and what magic your special eyes will see

as you blow your trumpet,

so loud and proud.


I wonder, Jace,

what place Today has led you to –

a happy one, I hope –

as we feel the spot

where your bright presence

would be.


We wonder, Gabe,

the what of your

heart-shaped rocks’ North Star

and the wheres and whys of

how it has guided you

on your way.


I wonder, Water,

if you sing to be recognized and heard

in a new form –

the sound of “drops of rocks”.


I wonder, Artist,

if you will remember

the bright young souls –

on a cold winter’s day

in the twilight of your years –

warming the heart

of your bright boat

with the luminous rays

of their kindful curiosity.